Tentative Translation
March 27, 2016

The Founding Principles of the Democratic Party

The founding principles of our party are the concepts of “freedom”, “mutual coexistence” and “responsibility for the future”. We will realize a free society, based on just, fair and transparent rules, that respects human rights as well as variety of values and lifestyles, a society built on mutual coexistence where no one is neglected, a society where people can support each other, and a society that fulfills its responsibility to future generations.

What We Stand For

We are the party representing ordinary people, taxpayers, consumers and workers. At the same time, we are the party of reform, walking forward with the people, fulfilling our responsibility for the future and for the future generations, and struggling against vested interests and collusion.

What We Aim To Achieve

1. Remaining True to Constitutionalism Based on Freedom and Democracy

We will uphold the principles of popular sovereignty, respect for fundamental human rights and pacifism set forth in the Constitution of Japan, and resolutely hold fast to a constitutionalism based on freedom and democracy. We will work together with the people to conceive our vision of a future-orientated constitution under the auspices of the symbolic emperor system, a constitution that responds to the needs of the changing times, such as new human rights and reforms of the system of government.

2. Constructing a Society Built on Mutual Coexistence

We will build a strong and flexible society based on mutual coexistence, one in which every person is respected as a unique individual, a society in which people support each other while embracing diversity, and in which everyone has a place and a role to play.

We will promote gender equality to enable men and women to realize their full individuality and potential.

We will realize a society that respects the autonomy of citizens who are the driving force of the so-called “New Public Commons”, where local governments, schools, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), local communities, and individuals work together in full partnership.

We will uphold the principles of justice and fairness, and respect individual independence while at the same time focusing on the disadvantaged.

3. Taking Responsibility for the Future by Ensuring that Reforms are Not Delayed

For the sake of future generations, we will eliminate the wasteful spending of taxes, and carry out administrative and fiscal reforms that will change Japan’s dependence on debt, political reforms such as those requiring politicians to make sacrifices, and regional sovereignty reforms that will make it possible to achieve autonomy through regional creativity.

We will fulfill our responsibility to the future by aiming for a society that is not dependent upon nuclear power generation, and by achieving full recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

4. Realizing Sustainable Economic Growth Through Investment in People

We will realize economic growth based on market economics and in harmony with the global environment. Making security and safety our watchword, we will encourage new entrants into the market and implement regulatory reforms to foster entrepreneurism.
Economic growth must create happiness. Sustainable growth cannot be achieved without investment in people through the fair division of wealth. We will rectify disparities that prevent people from using their abilities to their full extent by building a sustainable social security system and by investing in people, for example, by guaranteeing opportunities for lifelong learning. In this way we will promote people’s ability to support each other and realize economic growth that aims to create happiness.

5. Protecting Japan and Contributing to the Peace and Prosperity of the International Community

We will adopt realistic diplomacy and security policies based on exclusively defense-oriented principles. We will confront the security issues squarely surrounding Japan, and protect the lives and property of the people, Japan’s land, sea and airspace by steadily developing our nation’s defense capabilities. We will strengthen Japan-U.S. Alliance, and realize mutual coexistence with the Asia-Pacific region.

We will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the international community through multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations, realizing enlightened national interest and widespread human security by engaging in such activities as the abolition of nuclear weapons, the provision of humanitarian relief, and the formation of economic partnerships.