In the morning of November 7, DP President Renho met with Ambassador of Her Britannic Majesty's Embassy Timothy Mark Hitchens at party headquarters.

Renho expressed her appreciation for the Ambassador’s visit, and Hitchens conveyed his congratulations on her appointment as the first female leader of her party, as well as stating the importance of building close and healthy relationships with all political parties, whether ruling or in opposition.

Renho agreed that partisan politics should not be a concern in diplomacy and explained important DP policies relating to energy, education and investment in children.

DP Next Minister of Foreign Affairs Yukihisa Fujita, who had also attended the meeting, commented on the U.K.’s proposed exit from the European Union, referring to the possible impact on Japanese companies with business in the U.K.  Hitchens reported that preparations for negotiations, which would reference the requests submitted by Japanese companies, were currently underway.

The two sides also discussed nuclear power, renewable energy, falling birthrates coupled with an aging population, the Olympics and Brexit.