March 27, 2016

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party (DP) was created in March, 2016 when reform-minded politicians from the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), the Japan Innovation Party (JIP), and the Vision of Reform came together with the aim of establishing a strong opposition force, a viable alternative to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The DP, which is known as “Minshinto”, in the sense of “Forward with the People”, in Japanese, started with 96 members of the Lower House, and 65 members of the Upper House, making it the largest opposition party. Former Deputy Prime Minister Katsuya Okada, who led the DPJ until it merged with the JIP, was appointed as the party’s first President. The party is resolved to create a system of true two-party politics where regular changes of government can take place.

The founding principles of our party are the concepts of “freedom”, “mutual coexistence” and “responsibility for the future”. We will realize a free society, based on just, fair and transparent rules, that respects human rights as well as a variety of values and lifestyles, a society built on mutual coexistence where no one is left behind and people can both support each other and be supported, and a society that fulfills its responsibility to future generations.

We are the party of ordinary people, taxpayers, consumers and workers. At the same time, we are the party of reform, walking forward with the people, fulfilling our responsibility for the future and to future generations, and struggling against vested interests and collusion.

In contrast to the Abe administration, we will uphold the principles of constitutionalism and pacifism, respecting Japan’s position as a pacifist nation since the end of WWII. We will adopt realistic diplomacy and security policies based on exclusively defense-oriented principles. We will deepen the Japan-U.S. Alliance, and realize mutual coexistence with the Asia-Pacific region.

We will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the international community through multilateral frameworks like the United Nations, realizing enlightened national interest and widespread human security by engaging in such activities as the abolition of nuclear weapons, the provision of humanitarian relief, and the formation of economic partnerships.

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