In the afternoon of January 12, DP International Department Director-General Hiroe Makiyama met with Greek Ambassador Loukas Karatsolis inside the Diet.

Makiyama expressed her appreciation for the Ambassador’s visit, and explained that last year Renho had been elected as the DP’s first female President and that the party is currently promoting policies that emphasis “investment in people” such as child-rearing and education.

The Ambassador asked about the main points of debate in the forthcoming ordinary Diet session due to be convened on January 20.  Makiyama explained carefully about the legislative issues under discussion in the Committee on Health, Labor and Welfare, of which she is a member.  These involve labor reforms such as equal work for equal pay, long working hours and women’s working conditions, and Makiyama stated that the DP would improve the various conditions relating to these issues.  The two went on to discuss shared issues such as the economy, security, falling birthrates and an aging population, and pensions, and expressed their wish to deepen exchanges in the future.