In the evening of January 17, DP International Department Director-General Hiroe Makiyama attended the Farewell Reception for United States Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, held at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence. (The photographs were all provided courtesy of the U.S. Embassy.)

Makiyama expressed her respect for Kennedy’s contributions to the development of Japan-U.S. relations during her time as Ambassador, and conveyed a message of gratitude and appreciation from DP President Renho, who was not able to attend in person. Makiyama also stated that the DP would continue to work to further develop the robust relationship between Japan and the United States that Kennedy had created along with outgoing President Barack Obama.

In response, Kennedy expressed her expectations for the role to be played by the DP and by Renho as the first female President of the party, including its predecessor, the DPJ, in Japan-U.S. relations.  Kennedy and Makiyama agreed on the importance of maintaining the friendly relations between their two countries and efforts to promote peace, and offered each other words of encouragement for their future endeavors.

Makiyama also explained and exchanged views about various political issues, including that of the adoption system, which she is working on.

Ambassador Kennedy with Director-General Makiyama

Ambassador Kennedy and Director-General Makiyama