On the morning of August 7, DP President Renho met with Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the Communist
Party of China and its members at party headquarters during the latter’s visit to Japan.

Renho welcomed Tao's first visit to Japan after he had assumed Minister. Renho stated,“communication between both political parties
represented a steady step to achieve friendly relations between Japan and China after both nations have been sharing and facing the
various issues. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic normalization and the Communist Party National Congress once
in five years will be held in autumn. Furthermore, I want to deepen the interchange between both parties.”

Tao spoke an address of gratitude. He stated that an interchange between both parties plays an important role to deepen the mutual
understanding of the two countries and promotion of the interchange of the Japan-China relations leads to further stable development.

During the meeting, both parties discussed on the topics such as Chinese Development Strategy called Belt and Road, decreasing
birthrate and aging population, North Korean issue and its peaceful resolution, tourism and interaction of people etc.

The meeting was also attended by Vice President Shoichi Kondo, International Department Director-General Hiroe Makiyama and
Vice Director-General Hideya Sugio.