On September 3, DP President Seiji Maehara issued the following statement.

The Imperial Household Agency today announced that Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess of the Akishino branch of the Imperial Family, and Mr. Kei Komuro are informally engaged. Following the announcement Princess Mako and Mr. Komuro attended together a press briefing.

This is truly auspicious news, and along with Japanese citizens I offer my sincere congratulations. I pray that the series of ceremonies and the wedding ceremony that will follow this announcement to be held peacefully, and pray for the everlasting happiness, increasing prosperity and good health of the couple.

We, The Democratic Party are determined to continue devoting our efforts to solidly supporting the symbolic emperor system, which shapes the foundation of the nation, while praying for the prosperity of the Imperial household and paying close attention to the feelings of Their Majesties and the Imperial Family.

With regard to the “Special Imperial Household Law Concerning the Abdication etc. of the Emperor” that was enacted in the recent ordinary Diet session, the Democratic Party calls on the Government to ensure that the law is implemented smoothly and without delay.

We must also continue to realistically address the pressing and important challenges concerning the Imperial Family and Imperial Throne, beginning with the stable Imperial succession.

The Democratic Party believes that the Imperial Household Law should be amended to make it possible for female members of the Imperial Family to retain their status even after getting married, thereby establishing branches of the Imperial Family headed by the women concerned. The fact that the phrase “the establishment of female branches of the Imperial Family” was included in the supplementary resolution to the “Special Imperial Household Law Concerning the Abdication etc. of the Emperor” is something the Democratic Party takes seriously, and we will encourage discussion on the Government and the Diet and national debate.