DP Policy Research Committee Chair Takeshi Shina issued the following statement.

At approximately 6:57 a.m. today, North Korea once again launched a ballistic missile that crossed the sky over Hokkaido and came down in the Pacific Ocean approximately 2,000 kilometers east of Cape Erimo. The reckless action of repeatedly firing missiles through the air above Japan is an extremely serious threat that undermines the peace and safety of Japan and the region, and is totally unacceptable. We firmly oppose and strongly condemn North Korea.

The latest ballistic missile launch clearly violates successive United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. Not only that, a new UNSC resolution on North Korea was adopted unanimously and promptly on September 11, and so the missile launch represents a grave defiance of the entire international community’s firm declaration of intent. The international community needs to fully impose strict economic sanctions on North Korea. Simultaneously, it will be extremely important for the Government of Japan to calmly display its diplomatic ability, including by consulting closely with the Republic of Korea, China and other countries, against the backdrop of the solid Japan-United States Alliance.

Furthermore, we also hope to have the Government continue with surveillance and monitoring and information gathering, as well as make a more concerted effort to ensure the safety of citizens and provide prompt and accurate information. In particular, we call for greater efforts by the Government to ensure that more effective responses are taken with regard to issuing J-Alerts and carrying out evacuation guidance.