In the afternoon of October 31, a General Meeting of DP Diet members was held at party headquarters, and member of the House of Councillors Kouhei Ohtsuka was elected as the new party president.  Ohtsuka was the only Diet member to submit his candidacy for the post of party president by the stipulated deadline of 1 pm that day.

Ohtsuka was elected in accordance with Article 12 Clause 6 of the party regulations, which states: “When it is judged that the political situation or other circumstances particularly require it, the party president may be elected by a General Meeting of Democratic Party Diet members, rather than by an election held in accordance with the regulations governing elections of party presidents” and Clause 8 of the same Article, which states: “If there is only one candidate for the post of party president, the election may take place by approving this candidacy in either a Party Convention or a General Meeting of Democratic Party Diet members.”  Ohtsuka’s election was approved by the assembled Diet members with a round of applause and cries of “no objection”.

In his address to the meeting, Otsuka stated, “I believe that it is a result of everyone’s efforts that we were able to take the wider perspective into account and unite behind one candidate.  I am not certain that I will be able to live up to your expectations, but  I am determined to fulfill my responsibilities as party president to the very best of my ability."   "I sincerely ask you to support me as I aim to rebuild the Democratic Party.”

He also conveyed his sympathy to those who had been affected by the recent typhoons, and vowed to strengthen the party’s response in the Diet session scheduled to begin November 1.