On the evening of April 9, DP President Kouhei Ohtsuka and Party of Hope President Yuichiro Tamaki held a leadership meeting inside the Diet to confirm their aim to form a new political party.

During the meeting, the two leaders agreed that they would aim to unite like-minded colleagues to form a new party in order to create, at the earliest possible opportunity, a political system which allows changes of government and protects democracy and citizens’ lives.  They also confirmed that the two parties would: (1) establish a New Party Discussion Committee (provision translation) comprised of senior members from both parties, (2) establish two exploratory committees under the New Party Discussion Committee, one relating to basic principles and policies, and the other to organization, party regulations and elections, and (3) obtain the approval of both parties in view of the results of deliberations in the New Party Discussion Committee.

Following the meeting, the two party leaders held a joint press conference.

Asked when they hoped to form the new party, Ohtsuka responded, “These developments come as a result of our desire to establish a new centrist party at the earliest possible opportunity and so I would like us to reach a resolution as soon as possible.  I can’t give you an exact date at present, but I would like us to determine an approximate schedule in the New Party Discussion Committee for the new party.”

When questioned about the purpose of forming a new party Ohtsuka stated, “We will protect democracy and the lives of citizens.  In addition, as I already explained and obtained understanding for at the party convention, our party colleagues place a great importance on regional sovereignty, with regional affairs being decided by the regions.  Therefore, we will firmly establish this new party as a party that protects democracy, citizens’ lives and regional sovereignty, and create an entity that is fully capable of governing this nation.”

In response to the same question, Tamaki stated, “our direction is the same,” adding, “We will prioritize the lives of citizens centering on the middle-class.  I would like to assemble a political force that shares this goal…Like engineers laying new railway tracks into the unknown wilderness, we will establish a party that is ready to clear a path to the next era.”

The first meeting of the New Party Discussion Committee was held following the press conference.

PDF「Items Confirmed at Meeting between Presidents of the Democratic Party and the Party of Hope」Items Confirmed at Meeting between Presidents of the Democratic Party and the Party of Hope