March 27, 2016

Declaration on the Founding of the Democratic Party

“Freedom”, “mutual coexistence” and “responsibility for the future”. We will raise these concepts up high as we move forward determinedly with the people.

Japan is currently facing structural issues such as a falling population, a huge fiscal deficit, and long-term economic stagnation. We have reached a situation where inequalities have widened and many people, in particular our children and our young people, have lost their hope for the future. As we are called upon to consider how we can realize the defense of our nation and world peace, the pacifism of the Constitution is being ignored and constitutionalism is under threat.

Seventy years after the end of WWII, post-war Japan has reached a major crossroads. Our nation must not take the wrong road. We must be determined to realize both a society in which everyone is respected as a unique individual, and can live their lives free from anxiety, and a peaceful Japan.

So long as the Japanese people possess a high untapped potential, a strong will to fulfill their responsibility to future generations, and a mindset that allows people to support one another while embracing diversity, we will be able to overcome any difficulties placed in our path. It is the job of politicians to bring forth these abilities possessed by the population. Japan has a bright future before it.

Without the trust of the people, politics cannot function as it ought to. In the past, we were not able to fully satisfy the trust placed in us by the people. We deeply regret this fact and share a strong determination to make resolute decisions regarding any issues, however difficult, and engage in a united response.

Today, with strong sense of crisis and of mission, we have united the opposition forces to create a new political party capable of holding the reins of power. As we urge all those of like mind to join us, we hereby declare that the Democratic Party has been founded as a true party of the people, one that is supported by the trust of the electorate and moves forward together with the people of Japan.

PDF Declaration on the Founding of the Democratic PartyDeclaration on the Founding of the Democratic Party